How to Translate Algebraic Phrases

When students start to learn algebra, the first what they must learn is how to translate written phrase into an algebraic expression. Expressions serve to represent variables and constant values in mathematical relationships that were given. The expressions have values which depends of the value of the variable. Expressions can be used as part of […]

How to Translate Algebraic Expressions Into Phrases

Algebraic expressions might be very complicated but when you find out how to translate it, it is much more easier. When you translate algebraic expression into phrases, you will be able to solve problems in algebra. You will be successful in algebra as much as in other forms of math. Translating algebra expression into phrase […]

How to Study for an Algebra 1 Test

When you do math, you must pay attention on every detail. If even small step is done wrong, the whole problem will be counted wrong. So, when you have math test, you should review your materials before the test. When you understand math concepts you will be ready to learn algebra 1. Algebra 1 test […]

How to Study for Algebra 1

Algebra is used for studying complex mathematical principals and calculations. The origins of algebra are in old Macedonia and Babylon. Algebra 1 is the first step for learning about theory of algebra and algebra science. Algebra 1 studying – Do practice problems whether they are assigned or not. When you practice sample problems it will […]

How to Review Algebra 1

If you want to get knowledge of higher-level math, algebra 1 will be good for beginning. Those who want to go to higher-level math course should review the algebra 1. Algebra one tends to be course that cover many topics, there are group of key points that students must focus on. Algebra 1 review – […]

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