Sets of Numbers Formulas

Definitions N: Natural numbers N0: Whole numbers Z: Integers Z+: Positive integers Z-: Negative integers Q: Rational numbers C: Complex numbers Formulas Natural numbers (counting numbers ) \( N = \{ 1, 2, 3, \dotsc \} \) Whole numbers ( counting numbers with zero ) \( N_0 = \{ 0, 1, 2, 3, \dotsc \} \) Integers […]

How to Translate Words Into Algebraic Expressions

Mathematical phrase that includes one or more operations and variables is named as algebraic expression. For example X + 5. Variable is value that is represented by some letter, in this case X. The operation can be addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. + sign represents and addition, – sign represents subtraction. x or centered dot […]

How to Convert Sentences to Mathematical Equations

Mathematical equation is sentence that can contain numerals, operation symbols and variables. Expression becomes equation when there is as equal sign. Converting sentences to math equation – Make sure that you know what symbol represent that mathematical written phrases. For example, words ’’is’’ or ’’has’’ imply ’’equals’’ and this is represented by symbol = . Twice […]

Set Identities Formulas

Definitions: Universal set: I Empty set: \(\emptyset\) Union of sets \(A \cup B = \{x|x \in A  or x \in B\} \) Intersection of sets \(A \cap B = \{x|x \in A  and  x \in B\} \) Complement \( A’ = \{ x  \in  l | x \in A \} \) Difference of sets \( B […]

How to Translate English Phrases Into Mathematical Symbols

Mathematical symbols and formulas are used to describe mathematical expressions such as addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, but also these terms have been added into social lexicon. Addition is expressed with the words ’’more than’’ or ’’plus’’ or ’’added to’’. If you need to translate difficult expressions into their purer mathematical form, you will need […]

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