How to Teach Yourself Elementary Algebra

When you master the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions, you can master algebra. Goal of algebra is to solve an equations to find the unknown variable. Elementary algebra talks about linear equation form y=my + b.

Things you’ll need

Algebra textbook

Teaching elementary algebra

  • Algebra textbook contain learning aids. There are tips for people who want to learn algebra by themselves and it is a book intended for students in traditional classroom settings.
  • You need to determine the time when you want to learn. Timing of your study is important to get into a productive mental state quickly.
  • Set learning goals. What you want to study from each topic. Write down a lesson plan for yourself. What you will learn for beginning and what will be the next.
  • Practice your skills as often as you can. If your book includes some examples, practice this on every topic where that exists.

Tips and warnings

You can also ask a friend for help for some topics that you can not understand by yourself.

If you learn the best when someone teaches you, you will probably learn faster if you go to some algebra course or hire some professor to give you a private lessons. 

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