How to Teach Calculus

When we talk about calculus, we must know that calculus deals with derivatives, infinite series, integrals and limits. All this, people learn in the first year of college. There is debate how calculus should be taught in high school because calculus have many advance over anything that has been taught before, but there is a problem because it is difficult to find a way to introduce students with it gently.

Teaching Calculus

– Be sure that your students are ready for this. Teaching calculus must include algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Maybe you can establish some kind of pre-calculus classes.

– Always start with determining the slope of a tangent line. This is good for introducing students with idea of limits. Students must understand what happens when a quantity approaches, but doesn’t reach some value.

– Get the derivative of a function as the slope of a tangent line. This will allow the developing of idea that derivatives are a measures of instantaneous change.

– The next step is to cover infinite series. This is important because there the integrals will be shown as a means of calculating infinite sums.

– At the end, we need to study integration. This is final phase of the first semester course in calculus, and this is also, fundamental theorem of calculus. The integral of a function can be associated with the area under that function when it is graphed.

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