How to Solve Real Life Problems Using Calculus

When we learn mathematics many of us ask ourselves how it can be helpful in real life. This situation applies to the calculus, too. Calculus is very useful tool, it allows us to solve many problems, from deciding on what size moving truck is needed for relocation a business to choosing the best investment plan.

Solving real-life problems with Calculus

– Go through investment plans and analyze it using calculus. You can calculate the rates of growth of various options. You should understand hot to take the derivative of exponents and functions of compound interest that will allow you to know which option offer the best value.

– Calculate the rate of growth of a cancerous tumor. At a certain point the tumor will grow to the point where it is life-threatening. Doctors usually use calculus to do the estimation of tumor growth and progression of the illness.

– Estimate the space needed for packing by calculating the volume of oddly-shaped objects. You will need calculus of you are planning to maximize your efficiency of packing and loading object into tight space.

– Determine which place is the best for base jumping. After modeling it mathematically as a three-dimensional object, you can use derivatives to find the point at which there is the steepest drop-off. Differential equation will tell you the ideal place for a base jump in that area.

– Specify the extinction of species. If you collect data on a species of animals that is preyed on by another, you can then use this data for a predator-prey equation. This equation will allow you to calculate the population growth and decline of interdependent animals. Naturalists often use such a methods to determine which species are endangered.

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