How to Pass Calculus Without Studying

At the beginning of the learning, many students have problems with calculus in college. This problem they can overcome if they continuously master calculus piece by piece. We offer you some instructions to help you in studying calculus.


– If you want to learn calculus without problems, you must attend to every calculus class. If you do not attend every class you may experience problems after a few lessons.

– Always listen to your professor. Follow professor’s instructions and always ask if something is not clear to you.

– Taking notes is very important because nobody is able to remember everything what professor was talking about. You can write problems that you are not able to solve by your own and you can also write an explanations for those calculus problems.

– You can go to a professor’s office after classes to consult him about your calculus knowledge. Consultations are always helpful because you will master calculus and also your professor will see you as very hard-working student.

– Always read you textbook. After every class do homework from your textbook and after you do it, ask your professor if you have problems with some of those tasks.

-You must do your homework regularly. This will help you to have better final assessment and to finish your grade with the best result.

Tips and warnings

You should have scientific calculator because with it you can do many calculations such as derivatives that are required for calculus.

Always bring your calculator, notebook, calculus textbook and pencil with you when you go to calculus classes.

If you have some problems with calculus, ask your friends and professors for help.

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