How to Learn Elementary Algebra

When you want to learn elementary algebra, you need to remember some basic skills. You must know addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of rational numbers and also you need to know how to use these operations.

Things you’ll need



Calculator (optional)

Elementary algebra learning

  • You need to learn how to factorize. Factor is a number that is multiplied by another number. For example, if you have number 36, if you know table of multiplication, you will know that 9 x 4 = 36, so 9 and 4 are factors of 36.
  • You need to know what a variables are and how to use them. Variables are letters or symbols that are used to represent an unknown quantity.
  • You need to know how to manipulate balanced equations. If there is this symbol ‘’=’’ that it means thaat whatever is on the left side must be equal to whatever is on the right side.
  • You should solve basic single-variable linear equation. Goal is to find the value of your variable that is necessary to make the balanced equation. If you have: 5 – x = 3 you need to substract 5 from both sides: -x = -2 and after that, multiply both sides by -1:x=2.
  • Try to solve more complex equation: 6 + 12x = 3 – 9x

Factorize: 3(2) + 3(4x) = 3(1) – 3(3x) –> 3(2+4x) = 3(1-3x)

You must divide both sides by: 3: 2 + 4x = 1 – 3x

The next part you should do is named as grouping the terms. You need to get everything with X on the side and everything on the other.

Now you should add 3x to both sides and after that, you must substract 2 from both sides: 2 + 7x = 1; 7x = -1

At the end, divide both sides by: 7: x = -1/7

Tips and warnings

If you want to solve more complicated problems, then you maybe want to find a tutor or check out some textbook.

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