How to Do Expressions in Algebra

When students learn algebra they are faced with more complicated math problems. Students see variables, and solve equations that are more difficult. Algebra is different type of math for someone, but someone do not have big problems with doing algebra. When you use your math skills you will develop your knowledge and you will be able to solve all algebraic expressions at your beginning algebra classes.

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Doing expressions in algebra

– You must combine like terms and values that have the same variable and the same exponents. For example, if you have problem like this:  7x + 5 – 4x.  7x and 4x are the like terms. You should combine them, and now you have (7x + 4x) and you get 3x. Expression would then be 3x + 5.

– Replace variables in the expression with known values. If we have 3x + 5, x = 2 the expression would be 3(2) + 5.

– Now you must follow the order of operations. This will help you to solve expression. Order of operation is way to solve a problem. First, you should complete all expressions that are inside of parentheses. Second, evaluate everything that is under sqare root. Third, do multiplication or division, do it always from the left to the right. A the end, complete remaining addition or subtraction. Also from left to right.

– Set the expression you started with the answers you got and check whether it is equal. If the value for X is equal to the value that was given in problem, you got a correct answer.

Tips and warnings

If it is necessary, you can use calculator to check your work.

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