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Excel Calculus Functions

Microsoft’s Excel is program that have many math functions but there is no calculus in the standard version. If you need this, you have to install math software that have calculus function such as derivatives and integrals. Polynomial Derivative Derivative function in calculus shows us the rate of change for a point on a continuous […]

How to Solve Real Life Problems Using Calculus

When we learn mathematics many of us ask ourselves how it can be helpful in real life. This situation applies to the calculus, too. Calculus is very useful tool, it allows us to solve many problems, from deciding on what size moving truck is needed for relocation a business to choosing the best investment plan. […]

How to Teach Calculus

When we talk about calculus, we must know that calculus deals with derivatives, infinite series, integrals and limits. All this, people learn in the first year of college. There is debate how calculus should be taught in high school because calculus have many advance over anything that has been taught before, but there is a […]

The Elements of Calculus

Calculus can be very intimidating. Basic methods in calculus are not so complicated but methods that were developed by mathematicians like Newton. He got answers for very elementary questions anout equations and curves etc. Many of the concepts in calculus are pretty intuitive, and many people are very interested to study it. Limits Basic concept […]

Types of Problems That Cannot Be Solved Without Calculus

Students who go to high school are pretty able to solve basic math problems although calculus is known as difficult field of mathematics, there are no special problems to learn calculus if you go step by step. In mathematics there are so many problems that you can not solve without knowing about calculus. Derivatives Derivative […]

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