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How to Make Limits in Calculus

Limits are values that we couldn’t reach. We are getting closer to limits but limit can not be reached. For instance if we have: f(x)=(x+1) / (x^2) it is not 0 because f(x)= 1/0 and this will be undefined because when you divide something with zero, the result will be undefined. If there would be […]

How to Learn Pre Calculus

Pre-calculus learning is very good for mastering calculus with which students would encounter in later learning. If some students want to be good in science, mathematics, finance etc. they must gain knowledge of calculus. The best way to master calculus is to understand pre-calculus, at first. Learning Pre-Calculus Instructions – If you want to know […]

How to Learn Calculus Theorems

Calculus is founded in 17th century and since then it is used in mathematics to solve many problems. Calculus includes rate of change and if someone understand calculus, he will be able to solve problems in science, economics, statistics etc. If you want to understand calculus, we will give you some instructions for learning. Learning […]

How to Find the Limit of a Function in Calculus

It is important to understand the concept of limits because it will be present in many calculus problems. Limit shows us how some value has limit in f(y) if the f(x) approaches that value. For instance, if we have a limit that will be when X goes to zero; y goes to 1. Instructions 1) […]

How to Pass Calculus Without Studying

At the beginning of the learning, many students have problems with calculus in college. This problem they can overcome if they continuously master calculus piece by piece. We offer you some instructions to help you in studying calculus. Instructions – If you want to learn calculus without problems, you must attend to every calculus class. […]

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