An Explanation of Calculus

In calculus, algebra and geometry are combined. Those who know rules of calculus are able to solve problems of algebra and geometry which can help them to solve problems in real world.


Caclulus was founded in 17th century and Gottfried Lebniz and Isaac Newton are considered to be the inventors of calculus because calculus was used at first to solve physic’s problems. This branch of mathematics shows us the relationship between ’’x’’ and ’’y’’ where the value of ’’x’’ is linked with the value of ’’y’’. There are also term named as ’’limit’’ and this is a destination value for the set of values of the function’s direction. We know two basic types of calculus and those are: differential calculus and integral calculus.

Differential Calculus

This type of calculus serve to find the slopes of mathematical functions. Differential calculus studies the rates of change that are known as derivatives. Derivative function is function where we see changes of one of the variables. This type of calculus is used in statistic applications, economics and physics.

Integral Calculus

Integral calculus is branch of mathematics also known as only ’’integrals’’. Integrals are known as ’’anti-derivatives’’ because the operations in integrals are inverse of derivative operations in calculus. Integral and differential operations are opposites.


In physics, calculus is used to show acceleration and position speed. If we talk about construction purposes then they use calculus for finding place for some unusual shaped objects. Calculus is also used in aeronautics, and utility.

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