Algebra Math Tips

It is not strange that algebra can be very difficult for many students. We will give you some tips that can help you with understanding algebra.


Algebra has appeared in ancient Babylon. Then, they were able to solve algebraic equations with variables and formulas. But, father of algebra is Diophantus, a Greek mathematician which is considered to be father of algebra. Why? Nobody doesn’t know.


Lines look like they are up to go uphill on a mountain, and they have positive slopes, and those who look like they go downhill have negative slopes.

Solving for X

To solve X is not problem, you must be sure to get X alone on one side of the equation. If you have equation like 2x + 3 = 9 always start with the number that is tied to variable. It would be 2X=6, and at the end, we can see that the X is 3.


Properties are used in algebraic expressions, also commutation, inverse, identity and association.


Polynomials are expressions that can be factored out, and for this, we have two expressions in parentheses instead of one long expressions.

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