Algebra 1 Compared to Algebra 2

In some high schools in America, students take both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Algebra 1 introduces concepts like two-step equations, factoring and using matrices to solve problems, while algebra 2 builds on these concepts introducing students to logarithmic calculations, quadratic equations and applications of matrices. Students often have problems with algebra 1 and 2 but when they master it, they have the advantage of further learning.

What Algebra is

The simplest definition of algebra would be that algebra is branch of mathematics in which we must figure out the value of variables. But the process is the most important part of algebra. To know algebra is to know relationships between elements that change over time.

Algebra Courses in American Schools

In begging of learning algebra students usually learn simple algebraic equations, such as X + 3 = 8, and they must solve these equations for X.

In high school, students have subject Algebra 1 and there they learn more complicated equations than those at the begging, and after that, they have Algebra 2 where they learn quadratic systems.

Concepts Taught in Algebra 1

Here we have simple equations. Students must learn to solve two-step equations. Also, these equations can contain two variables. Students must know how to calculate geometric values, such as the slope of the line, matrices etc.

Concepts Taught in Algebra 2

Algebra 2 is continued Algebra 1, but a little bit complicated. Students who want to be doctor or nurse’s aid, or some other career in the health field, must master algebra. They must know algebra because they must understand how medications affect patients, how to treat medical problems and how to understand chemistry and physics involved with medicine.

Usefulness of Algebra 1 and Algebra 2

Algebra is useful for a wide range of careers. Students who want to be doctors, nurses or some other kind of career in the health field, have to master algebra. Algebra 1 might be sufficient for nurse’s aides, because they observe patient behavior and report it to the doctor. Nurses and doctors must know algebra 2 because they must understand how medications affect patients, diagnose and treat medical problems.

Algebra 1 and algebra 2 are also very important for business careers. Economic principles and business decisions are based on understanding how variables affects one another.

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